Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Amastris (region: Paphlagonia) 234 Show
Amisus (region: Pontus) 164 Show
Apamea (region: Bithynia) 80 Show
Bithynium Claudiopolis (region: Bithynia) 95 Show
Byzantium (region: Thrace) 230 Show
Caesarea Germanica (region: Bithynia) 25 Show
Calchedon (region: Bithynia) 72 Show
Cius (region: Bithynia) 112 Show
Comana (region: Pontus) 15 Show
Creteia-Flaviopolis (region: Bithynia) 22 Show
Heraclea Pontica (region: Bithynia) 150 Show
Ionopolis Abonoteichos (region: Paphlagonia) 32 Show
Iuliopolis (region: Bithynia) 73 Show
Koinon of Bithynia (region: Bithynia) 162 Show
Nicaea (region: Bithynia) 1132 Show
Nicomedia (region: Bithynia) 635 Show
Prusa ad Olympum (region: Bithynia) 186 Show
Prusias ad Hypium (region: Bithynia) 115 Show
Sinope (region: Paphlagonia) 155 Show
Tium (region: Bithynia) 237 Show
Uncertain mint of Bithynia (region: Bithynia) 9 Show
Uncertain mint of Pontus/Paphlagonia (region: Pontus) 2 Show
Uncertain of Bithynia (region: Bithynia) 12 Show