Project news

RPC volume X is online!

RPC volume X covers all Roman provincial coinage issues from the joint reign of Valerian and Gallienus through the year 12 of Diocletian (AD 253–295/6). It includes over 5,800 type descriptions a... more

RPC VII.2: printed volume published

RPC VII.2. From Gordian I to Gordian III (AD 238–244): all provinces excep... more

Supporting RPC online

Since its humble beginnings in 2006, the RPC Online project has grown into one of the most important research projects in numismatics. The website now includes more than 400,000 coins from 50,000 t... more

Printed volume of RPC VII.2

Volume RPC VII.2 is now with the printer. It should be ready and for sale at the International Congress in Warsaw in September 2022 (more information at h... more

The Roman Emperor Seen from the Provinces

The RPC online project is delighted to support RESP (The Roman Emperor Seen from the Provinces), a new ERC project led by Dario Calomino, which relies extensively on the RPC d... more

RPC VI entirely online!

The remaining provinces of RPC volume VI – covering Europe and the Levant – are now online, thanks to the work of D. Calomino and A. Burnett!

Corrections and additions will be... more

Custom maps

For students and historians of the Ancient World maps can be important for their presentations, papers, and research; yet they are often difficult to create. For that purpose, it is now possible to... more

RPC volume VII.2 is online!

RPC volume VII.2 covers all Roman provincial coinages issued in the reigns of Gordian I, Gordian II, Pupienus, Balbinus, and Gordian III (AD 238 to 244). It includes over 3,750 type descriptions an... more

RPC volume VIII is online!

RPC volume VIII covers all Roman provincial coinages issued during the reign of Philip (AD 244-249). It includes over 3,150 type descriptions and more than 22,000 coins, issued by 173 cities. The g... more

RPC volume I is available online!

The monumental—and fundamental—volume I of the Roman Provincial Coinage series, by A. Burnett, M. Amandry, and P.P. Ripollès, covering the period from the death of Caesa... more

New version of Roman Provincial Coinage online

From the 1st of July 2019, the new version of Roman Provincial Coinage online is available.

Volume II is now published online, the monumental volume I will be soon available, and several ... more

RPC volume II is available online!

The second volume of the series Roman Provincial Coinage, covering the Flavian dynasty, from Vespasian to Domitian (AD 69–96), was published in 1999 by A. Burnett, M. Amand... more

Roman Provincial Coins in Leeds

The RPC online project is delighted to have collaborated with the Leeds University Library. The following report was written by the Leeds University Library:

Roman Prov... more

RPC IX awarded the Gilljam Prize for third-century numismatics

The Council of the Royal Numismatic Society has chosen Roman Provincial Coinage. Volume IX, by A. Hostein and J. Mairat, as the 2019 winner of the Gilljam Prize for third century... more

RPC VII.2 and VIII get some funding from the Royal Numismatic Society

Thanks to the support of the RNS (CNG Roman and Byzantine Fund; Martin Price Fund), Marguerite Spoerri was able to spend 10 days in Vienna in October, documenting the holdings of the Münzkabin... more