Supporting RPC online

Since its humble beginnings in 2006, the RPC Online project has grown into one of the most important research projects in numismatics. The website now includes more than 400,000 coins from 50,000 types and welcomes over 40,000 visitors annually.

In the arts, great work is often born from collaboration. Without a doubt this can be equally said for the RPC online project. The project depends on its many supporters and volunteers in everything it does and we are asking all those who love RPC to support us once more.

Following a number of requests from users, donations to the project can, for the first time, now be made online. A gift of any size will underpin all of our work and have a big impact on the future of RPC Online.

Together we can realise our ambitious plans and share the joy of Roman Provincial Coins with an even larger audience.

Click here and help us achieve even more!

If you would like to speak about a possible donation to the project please email us

18 July 2022