RPC volume II is available online!

The second volume of the series Roman Provincial Coinage, covering the Flavian dynasty, from Vespasian to Domitian (AD 69–96), was published in 1999 by A. Burnett, M. Amandry, and I. Carradice. It is now made available online thanks to the generosity of private donors. In addition, the catalogue has been updated to include the material published in the later supplements. It offers the most authoritative and up-to-date account of the coins minted in the province of the Roman empire under the Flavians.

Browse RPC volume II. From Vespasian to Domitian (AD 69–96).

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This volume was made available online by (in alphabetical order): Jerome Mairat (dir.), Alison Pollard, Marguerite Spoerri, Michalina Szymanska. For the Paris collection, additional help was kindly provided by Pierre Clanet and Julien Olivier.