Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Abydus (region: Troas) 98 Show
Accilaeum (region: Phrygia) 7 Show
Acmonea (region: Phrygia) 118 Show
Acrasus (region: Lydia) 40 Show
Adramyteum (region: Mysia) 100 Show
Aegae (region: Aeolis) 67 Show
Aezani (region: Phrygia) 165 Show
Alabanda (region: Caria) 52 Show
Alexandria (region: Troas) 565 Show
Alia (region: Phrygia) 29 Show
Alinda (region: Caria) 14 Show
Amorium (region: Phrygia) 42 Show
Amyzon (region: Caria) 6 Show
Ancyra (region: Phrygia) 73 Show
Andros (region: Cyclades) 9 Show
Anineta (region: Lydia) 9 Show
Antandrus (region: Troas) 23 Show
Antioch ad Maeandrum (region: Caria) 205 Show
Apamea (region: Phrygia) 148 Show
Aphrodisias (region: Caria) 209 Show
Apollonia ad Rhyndacum (region: Mysia) 86 Show
Apollonia Salbace (region: Caria) 42 Show
Apollonis (region: Lydia) 36 Show
Apollonoshieron (region: Lydia) 20 Show
Appia (region: Phrygia) 15 Show
Assus (region: Troas) 25 Show
Astypalaea (region: Caria) 1 Show
Attaea (region: Mysia) 48 Show
Attalea (region: Lydia) 23 Show
Attuda (region: Caria) 44 Show
Bagis (region: Lydia) 31 Show
Bargasa (region: Caria) 21 Show
Bargylia (region: Caria) 13 Show
Blaundus (region: Lydia) 80 Show
Briula (region: Lydia) 19 Show
Bruzus (region: Phrygia) 39 Show
Cadi (region: Phrygia) 94 Show
Came (region: Lydia) 9 Show
Ceramus (region: Caria) 27 Show
Ceretapa Diocaesarea (region: Phrygia) 20 Show
Chios (region: Ionia) 102 Show
Cibyra (region: Phrygia) 122 Show
Cidrama (region: Caria) 36 Show
Cidyessus (region: Phrygia) 14 Show
Cilbiani Superiores (region: Lydia) 22 Show
Cistophoric mint (region: Uncertain) 66 Show
Clazomenae (region: Ionia) 54 Show
Cnidus (region: Caria) 13 Show
Colophon (region: Ionia) 101 Show
Colossae (region: Phrygia) 64 Show
Cos (region: Caria) 82 Show
Cotiaeum (region: Phrygia) 146 Show
Cyme (region: Aeolis) 116 Show
Cyzicus (region: Mysia) 888 Show
Daldis (region: Lydia) 38 Show
Dardanus (region: Troas) 26 Show
Diocleia (region: Phrygia) 10 Show
Dionysopolis (region: Phrygia) 31 Show
Dioshieron (region: Lydia) 50 Show
Docimeum (region: Phrygia) 53 Show
Dorylaeum (region: Phrygia) 60 Show
Elaea (region: Aeolis) 102 Show
Ephesus (region: Ionia) 1069 Show
Eresus (region: Lesbus) 21 Show
Eriza (region: Phrygia) 1 Show
Erythrae (region: Ionia) 72 Show
Eucarpia (region: Phrygia) 35 Show
Euippe (region: Caria) 12 Show
Eumenea (region: Phrygia) 78 Show
Euromus (region: Caria) 11 Show
Gargara (region: Troas) 11 Show
Germe (region: Mysia) 239 Show
Grimenothyrae (region: Phrygia) 17 Show
Hadrianeia (region: Mysia) 53 Show
Hadriani ad Olympum (region: Mysia) 50 Show
Hadrianopolis (region: Phrygia) 54 Show
Hadrianotherae (region: Mysia) 21 Show
Halicarnassus (region: Caria) 40 Show
Harpasa (region: Caria) 36 Show
Heraclea Salbace (region: Caria) 47 Show
Hermocapelia (region: Lydia) 20 Show
Hierapolis (region: Phrygia) 385 Show
Hierocaesarea (region: Lydia) 94 Show
Hieropolis (region: Phrygia) 17 Show
Hydisus (region: Caria) 9 Show
Hydrela (region: Phrygia) 11 Show
Hyllarima (region: Caria) 12 Show
Hypaepa (region: Lydia) 201 Show
Hyrcanis (region: Lydia) 36 Show
Hyrgaleis (region: Phrygia) 19 Show
Iasus (region: Caria) 22 Show
Ilium (region: Troas) 155 Show
Ios (region: Cyclades) 6 Show
Iulia (region: Phrygia) 13 Show
Iulia Gordus (region: Lydia) 70 Show
Koinon of Lesbos (region: Lesbus) 9 Show
Koinon of the Thirteen Cities (region: Uncertain) 16 Show
Lampsacus (region: Mysia) 102 Show
Laodicea ad Lycum (region: Phrygia) 284 Show
Lebedus (region: Ionia) 11 Show
Lysias (region: Phrygia) 19 Show
Maeonia (region: Lydia) 90 Show
Magnesia ad Maeandrum (region: Ionia) 368 Show
Magnesia ad Sipylum (region: Lydia) 107 Show
Mastaura (region: Lydia) 71 Show
Melus (region: Cyclades) 21 Show
Methymna (region: Lesbus) 31 Show
Metropolis (region: Ionia) 188 Show
Metropolis (region: Phrygia) 25 Show
Midaeum (region: Phrygia) 54 Show
Miletopolis (region: Mysia) 71 Show
Miletus (region: Ionia) 154 Show
Minoa (region: Cyclades) 5 Show
Mint A (cistophori) (region: Uncertain) 13 Show
Mint B (cistophori) (region: Uncertain) 25 Show
Mint C (cistophori) (region: Uncertain) 7 Show
Mint D (cistophori) (region: Uncertain) 16 Show
Mint E (cistophori) (region: Uncertain) 10 Show
Mostene (region: Lydia) 56 Show
Mylasa (region: Caria) 54 Show
Myndus (region: Caria) 5 Show
Myrina (region: Aeolis) 41 Show
Mysomakedones (region: Lydia) 2 Show
Mytilene (region: Lesbus) 170 Show
Nacolea (region: Phrygia) 27 Show
Nacrasa (region: Lydia) 68 Show
Naxos (region: Cyclades) 1 Show
Neapolis ad Harpasum (region: Caria) 36 Show
Nicaea Cilbianorum (region: Lydia) 52 Show
Nysa (region: Lydia) 221 Show
Ococleia (region: Phrygia) 15 Show
Orthosia (region: Caria) 30 Show
Otrus (region: Phrygia) 4 Show
Palaeobeudus (region: Phrygia) 4 Show
Parium (region: Mysia) 304 Show
Paros (region: Cyclades) 4 Show
Peltae (region: Phrygia) 42 Show
Pergamum (region: Mysia) 356 Show
Perperene (region: Mysia) 43 Show
Philadelphia (region: Lydia) 205 Show
Philomelium (region: Phrygia) 72 Show
Phocaea (region: Ionia) 92 Show
Pholegandros (region: Cyclades) 1 Show
Pionia (region: Mysia) 26 Show
Pitane (region: Aeolis) 33 Show
Poemanenum (region: Mysia) 18 Show
Poroselene (region: Lesbus) 13 Show
Priene (region: Ionia) 34 Show
Prymnessus (region: Phrygia) 59 Show
Rhodes (region: Caria) 74 Show
Saitta (region: Lydia) 117 Show
Sala (region: Lydia) 55 Show
Samos (region: Ionia) 296 Show
Sardis (region: Lydia) 258 Show
Scepsis (region: Troas) 58 Show
Sebaste (region: Phrygia) 32 Show
Sebastopolis (region: Caria) 25 Show
Siblia (region: Phrygia) 5 Show
Silandus (region: Lydia) 54 Show
Siphnus (region: Cyclades) 4 Show
Smyrna (region: Ionia) 383 Show
Stectorium (region: Phrygia) 52 Show
Stratonicea (region: Caria) 43 Show
Stratonicea Hadrianopolis (region: Lydia) 46 Show
Synaus (region: Phrygia) 40 Show
Synnada (region: Phrygia) 148 Show
Syros (region: Cyclades) 14 Show
Tabae (region: Caria) 79 Show
Tabala (region: Lydia) 34 Show
Temenothyrae (region: Phrygia) 73 Show
Temnus (region: Aeolis) 65 Show
Tenedus (region: Troas) 1 Show
Tenus (region: Cyclades) 5 Show
Teos (region: Ionia) 88 Show
Themisonium (region: Phrygia) 31 Show
Thera (region: Cyclades) 7 Show
Thyatira (region: Lydia) 329 Show
Tiberiopolis (region: Phrygia) 29 Show
Tmolus (region: Lydia) 16 Show
Tomara (region: Lydia) 13 Show
Traianopolis (region: Phrygia) 26 Show
Tralles (region: Lydia) 272 Show
Trapezopolis (region: Caria) 34 Show
Tripolis (region: Lydia) 157 Show
Unattributed Hadrianic cistophoric mint (region: Uncertain) 28 Show
Uncertain Asian mint of CA coinage (region: Uncertain) 10 Show
Uncertain mint in Asia (?) of Atratinus (region: Uncertain) 2 Show