RPC X, — (unassigned; ID 86721)



Coin type
Volume X
Number — (unassigned; ID 86721)
Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Pergamum
Region Lesbus
City Mytilene
Reign Valerian and Gallienus
Magistrate Val(erius?) Aristomachos (strategos)
Alliance with Ephesus; Pergamum
Obverse inscription ΖΕΥϹ ΒΟΥΛΑΙΟϹ
Obverse design bearded head of Zeus Boulaios, left
Reverse design the three Theoi Akraioi: one stands facing, raising hand in greeting and holding sceptre; on either side the two other gods stand, each holding a sceptre
Metal copper-based alloy
Reference Franke & Nollé —, Kampmann —
Specimens 1 (0 in the core collections)
Note See also https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/type/61403.

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
    Florence A.B. Cook, Zeus, p. 873, no. 10, cited 'L. Holstein on Steph. Byz. s.v. L. Holstein on Steph. Byz. s.v. Μυτιλήνη (ed. Lipsiae 1825 ii. 457) says : 'In Cimeliarchio Mediceo nummus habetur, in cuius uno latere circum Iovem, Neptunum et Plutonem: ΘΕΟΙ ΑΚΡΑΙΟI ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΑΙΩΝ. in averso circum caput Iovis: ΖΕΥϹ ΒΟΥΛΑΙΟϹ quinam sint Θεοὶ ἀκραῖοι ... docet Pollux lib. ix. cap. 5. his verbis: Τὰ δὲ δημόσια, ἀκρόπολις. ἣν καὶ ἄκρον ἂν εἴποις καὶ πόλιν. καὶ τοὺς ἐν αὑτῇ θεοὺς. ἀκραίους καὶ πολιεῖς.’ This coin, cited by numismatists from Eckhel Doctr. num. vet.2 ii. 504 to Head Hist. num.1 p. 488 inclusive, has disappeared from Head Hist. num.2 p. 562f.