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I 2856
Uncertain Tiberius (Augustus) Apollonios II
Leaded bronze (19 mm) 5.42 g. Tiberius?
ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ; bare head of Tiberius (?), right
ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΟΣ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΟΥ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΩΤΩΝ; Heracles walking, left, with arm extended and club
BMC 15, cf. Robert 219 28
I 2857
Uncertain Apollonios II
Æ (16 mm) 3.82 g. Tiberius?
ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΟΣ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΟΥ; head of Dionysus, with (?) ivy wreath, right
ΗΡΑΚΛΕΩΤΩΝ; Zeus seated, right, with sceptre and Nike
Cop 391, cf. Robert 219 9