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I 515
Lugdunum  Gaul Gallia Lugdunensis
Leaded bronze (31 mm) 18.05 g. 36 BC?
IMP CAESAR DIVI F DIVI IVLI; laureate head of Caesar, left, and bare head of Octavian, right; palm brand between heads
COPIA; prow, with an eye and a dolphin; above, meta and a star superimposed on a globe
FITA 207, Giard 7 62
I 516
Lugdunum  Gaul Gallia Lugdunensis
Æ (17 mm) 5.28 g. 36 BC?
CAESAR DIVI F; head of Octavian, right
COPIA; a galloping bull, right; below, serpent with erect head
FITA 208, Giard 4 4