RPC III, 1815


Image of specimen #3


Coin type
Volume III
Number 1815
Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Pergamum
Region Lydia
City Thyatira
Reign Trajan
Person (obv.) Trajan (Augustus)
Magistrate Gnaeus Pedanius Fuscus Salinator (proconsul)
Dating AD 98/9?
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ ΝΕΡΒΑ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΩ ϹΕ ΓΕΡ
Nominative Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Augustus Germanicus
Obverse design laureate head of Trajan, right, with small aegis
Reverse inscription ΑΝΘΥ ΦΟΥϹΚΩ, ΘΥΑ/ΤΕΙ//ΡΗ/ΝΩΝ (in field, l. and r)
Reverse design Apollo Tyrimnaios naked standing facing, head left, holding a laurel-branch in his extended right hand, a double axe in his left from which hangs chlamys
Metal copper-based alloy
Average diameter 30 mm
Reference Stumpf 539–41
Specimens 4 (3 in the core collections)

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
1 1     L BMC 72 (and pl. XXXI, 1)
2 2     Mu SNG 622
3 3     ✸ B: B-I KM 180/2 and Taf. VI, 15
4 4     Müller 60, 20–21 Jan.1989, lot 183