RPC I, 860


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Coin type
Volume I
Number 860
Province Mauretania
Region Africa
City Tingi
Reign Roman Republic
Magistrate Quintus Fabius Fabullus (quattuorvir) ; Antistius (quattuorvir) ; Lucius Baebius Cosa (aedile) ; Marcus Clodius (aedile)
Dating 33–27 BC
Obverse design female head crowned with corn (Ceres?), left
Reverse inscription L BAEBIVS COSA M CLODIVS L M AID
Reverse design two ears of corn
Metal copper-based alloy
Average diameter 23 mm
Axis 12
Reference Maz 618, Amandry III, Alexandropoulos 161 Mazard 618, Alexandropoulos 161, https://www.academia.edu/37175791/De_novo_sobre_uma_cunhagem_de_Iulia_Tingi_RPC_I_860_
Specimens 12 (1 in the core collections)
Note Corr.: this new specimen (860/5) shows that the reading COL may be wrong. The last letter is D rather than L, and it is possible, but not certain, that we should read IVR D. See now C. Hamdoune, ‘Note sur le statut colonial de Lixus et de Tanger’, Antiquités africaines 30, 1994, pp. 81-7, who also doubts the reading COL and demonstrates that Tingi was a municipium until it was made an honorary colony by Claudius --- These new specimens give the correct reading of the obverse which ends - E DD and of the reverse, where the name of the second aedilis is not M. CVRIVS but M. CLODIVS. Therefore the correct legends are as following: IVL TINGI FABVLLVS ANTISTIV-S IV VIR E D D/ L BAEBIVS COSA M CLODIVS L M AID.
Correction Corrected coin-type (post publication)

Specimens of this coin type

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