RPC I, 4143


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Coin type
Volume I
Number 4143
Province Syria
Region Syria
City Antioch
Reign Augustus
Person (obv.) Philip Philadelphus (king)
Issue revived posthumous tetradrachms of Philip, year 27
Dating 23/22 BC
Obverse inscription
Obverse design diademed head of Philip Philadelphus, r.
Reverse inscription ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΟΥ, monogram ΑΥΤ, ΖΚ (in exergue)
Reverse design Zeus, seated l., holding Nike and sceptre, dot in l. field
Metal Silver
Average diameter 26 mm
Average weight 14.16 g
Axis 12
Reference Newell, no. 37, Prieur 20, McAlee 21
External URI(s) http://numismatics.org/sco/id/sc.1.2491.17
Specimens 5
Die-links 1–4: same obv. die.

Specimens of this coin type

Number Museum Bibliography
1     NY
2     NY
3     L: 1930,0812.19
4     L: 1930,0812.18
5     ✸ CNG EA 392, 1 Mar. 2017, lot 413