Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Aegeae (region: Cilicia) 208 Show
Alexandria ad Issum (region: Cilicia) 16 Show
Anazarbus (region: Cilicia) 416 Show
Antioch (region: Syria) 1310 Show
Antioch ad Euphratem (region: Commagene) 4 Show
Antioch ad Hippum (region: Syria) 33 Show
Apamea (region: Syria) 47 Show
Aradus (region: Phoenicia) 55 Show
Ascalon (region: Judaea) 146 Show
Augusta (region: Cilicia) 59 Show
Beroea (region: Syria) 18 Show
Berytus (region: Phoenicia) 94 Show
Botrys (region: Phoenicia) 2 Show
Byblus (region: Phoenicia) 11 Show
Caesarea ad Libanum (region: Phoenicia) 15 Show
Caesarea Maritima (region: Samaria) 172 Show
Caesarea Paneas (region: Syria) 104 Show
Canatha (region: Syria) 11 Show
Chalcis ad Belum (region: Syria) 44 Show
Claudia Leucas (region: Syria) 27 Show
Cyrrhus (region: Syria) 47 Show
Damascus (region: Syria) 140 Show
Demetrias (region: Phoenicia) 2 Show
Doliche (region: Syria) 10 Show
Dora (region: Phoenicia) 31 Show
Emesa (region: Syria) 106 Show
Epiphanea (region: Cilicia) 56 Show
Fleet coinage (region: Syria) 6 Show
Gabala (region: Syria) 16 Show
Gadara (region: Syria) 65 Show
Gaza (region: Judaea) 137 Show
Gerasa (region: Syria) 35 Show
Germanicia Caesarea (region: Syria) 10 Show
Hierapolis (region: Syria) 57 Show
Hierapolis-Castabala (region: Cilicia) 43 Show
Laodicea ad Mare (region: Syria) 203 Show
Mallus (region: Cilicia) 56 Show
Marathus (region: Phoenicia) 9 Show
Mopsus (region: Cilicia) 89 Show
Nicopolis Seleucidis (region: Syria) 8 Show
Nysa-Scythopolis (region: Samaria) 54 Show
Orthosia (region: Phoenicia) 14 Show
Pella (region: Syria) 11 Show
Philadelphia (region: Syria) 45 Show
Pompeiopolis (region: Cilicia) 55 Show
Ptolemais (region: Phoenicia) 69 Show
Rhosus (region: Cilicia) 20 Show
Samosata (region: Commagene) 50 Show
Seleucia (region: Syria) 50 Show
Sepphoris Diocaesarea (region: Galilaea) 9 Show
Sidon (region: Phoenicia) 102 Show
Sistripia (?) (region: Syria) 2 Show
Tarsus (region: Cilicia) 506 Show
Tripolis (region: Phoenicia) 26 Show
Tyre (region: Phoenicia) 431 Show
Uncertain Caesarea(s) (region: Cilicia) 4 Show
Uncertain colony in Cilicia (region: Cilicia) 2 Show
Uncertain Syrian mint of CA coinage I (region: Syria) 1 Show
Uncertain Syrian mint of CA coinage II (region: Syria) 6 Show
Uncertain Syrian mint of CA coinage III (region: Syria) 2 Show
Uncertain Syrian mint of Cleopatra and Antony (region: Syria) 3 Show
Uncertain Syrian mint of Nero/Claudius tetradrachms (region: Syria) 2 Show
Uncertain Syrian mint of Regulus (region: Syria) 3 Show
Uncertain Syrian mint of Zeus tetradrachms (region: Syria) 18 Show
Zeugma (region: Commagene) 34 Show