RPC I, 3661


Image of specimen #1


Coin type
Volume I
Number 3661
Province Galatia-Cappadocia
Region Cappadocia
City Hierapolis (Comana)
Reign Nero
Person (obv.) Nero (Augustus)
Dating AD 55
Obverse design laureate head of Nero, right
Reverse inscription ΙΕΡΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ [ΤΩΝ] ΠΡΟϹ ΤΩ ϹΑΡ, Β (below)
Reverse design mountain
Metal copper-based alloy
Average diameter 21 mm
Axis 6, 12
Reference Ganschow 1102, Henseler 1601
Specimens 6 (0 in the core collections)
Note See the discussion by K. Butcher in NC 2011, p. 75: ‘The type 3661 was first published in RPC I, when a single specimen was known (our specimen appears to be from different dies). There it was tentatively proposed that the letter B on the reverse was a date (‘year 2’), with reservations, because - unusually - there was no formula for ‘year’ preceding the number. A larger denomination with similar types, but with B at the end of the obverse legend, was published in the RPC Supplement I, S-3661A. The likelihood that B is indeed a date is reinforced by the new countermark on our specimen, which presumably refers to regnal year seven of Nero (ΝΕ[ΡWNOϹ] Ζ). If this interpretation is correct, the coinage with 'year 2' was produced in the first years of Nero's reign between AD 54-56 (Nero’s portrait is clearly a young one), and the countermark ‘year 7’ between AD 59-61.'

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
1 1     ✸ JSW = CNG MBS 79, 17 Sept. 2008, lot 632
2 2     NC 2011, p. 75 (pl. 6, 1–2)
3 3     Henseler 1601 (ex Gorny & Mosch 160, 9 Oct. 2007, lot 2018)
4 4     Elsen 143, 7 Dec. 2019, lot 619
5 5     Roma EA 75, 15 Oct. 2020, lot 457
6 6     Biga Auction 1, 8 Nov. 2020, lot 378