Province Syria Palaestina
City Aelia Capitolina 
Region Judaea
Reign Elagabalus
Obverse inscription IMP C M A ANT AVG ET ALEX CAES
Obverse design jugate laureate, draped and cuirassed busts of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander, right, seen from rear
Reverse inscription COL AEL C C P F (AV A?)
Reverse design facing quadriga carrying the conical stone of Emesa, on which eagle facing; in the exergue, branch


Reference Markov The New York Sale XLVIII, 14 Jan. 2020, lot 143
Diameter 24.6
Weight 8.44
External URI|3346|143|b733a93317a3c6d66bef77395ad81f4c