RPC X, — (unassigned; ID 63367)


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Coin type
Volume X
Number — (unassigned; ID 63367)
Province Galatia-Pontus
Region Pisidia
City Antioch
Reign Claudius II
Person (obv.) Claudius II (Augustus)
Obverse inscription IMP CAES CLAVDIV
Obverse design radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Claudius II, right, seen from rear
Reverse inscription ANTI(OCHI) (C)(O)L(ON)(I), S R
Reverse design vexillum between two standards
Metal copper-based alloy
Average diameter 25 mm
Axis 5, 6, 12
Reference Krzyźanowska IV/3-4, 6-7, 9-12, 19-21
Specimens 41 (21 in the core collections)

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
    ✸ L: 1895,1007.3 BMC 141
    P: 233 Krzyźanowska IV/3 = SNG 1336
    B Krzyźanowska IV/10
    B Krzyźanowska IV/3
    B Krzyźanowska IV/4
    C: CM.LK.2947-R SNG iv.5158
    Mu Krzyźanowska IV/7
    NY: 1944.100.51153
    NY: 1944.100.51152
    V Krzyźanowska IV/11
    V Krzyźanowska IV/19
    V Krzyźanowska IV/3
    V Krzyźanowska IV/4
    V Krzyźanowska IV/6
    V Krzyźanowska IV/7
    V Krzyźanowska IV/9
    Istanbul Krzyźanowska IV/10
    Istanbul Krzyźanowska IV/12
    Istanbul Krzyźanowska IV/3
    V-ON SNG Leypold 2029
    V-ON SNG Leypold 2029
    Warsaw Krzyźanowska IV/19
    Warsaw Krzyźanowska IV/4
    Warsaw Krzyźanowska IV/7
    Warsaw Krzyźanowska IV/9
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll. = LAC Auction 36, 15 July 2014, lot 135
    CGT coll. = LAC Auction P, 7 Jan. 2015, lot 222
    H. Williams coll.
    Krzyźanowska IV/9 = SNG vA 4987
    vA = Krzyźanowska IV/20
    vA = Krzyźanowska IV/20