RPC X, — (unassigned; ID 63317)


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Coin type
Volume X
Number — (unassigned; ID 63317)
Province Galatia-Pontus
Region Pisidia
City Antioch
Reign Valerian and Gallienus
Person (obv.) Valerian (Augustus)
Obverse inscription IMP CAE P AELL OVALERIAN
Obverse design radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Valerian, right, seen from rear
Reverse inscription ANTIOC(C)H(IO) (CII) (C)(O)(L)(A) (LCO), S R
Reverse design vexillum topped with eagle flanked by standards
Metal copper-based alloy
Average diameter 21 mm
Axis 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12
Reference Krzyżanowska II-IV/5-13 and var. rev.
Specimens 63 (23 in the core collections)
Note Krzyżanowska recorded 7 rev. dies

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
    P: 222 Krzyżanowska II/10 = SNG 1320
    P: Y20243 Krzyżanowska II/8 = SNG 1321
    P: 220 Krzyżanowska II/9 = SNG 1319
    P: 221 Krzyżanowska IV/12= SNG 1322
    B Krzyżanowska II/5
    B Krzyżanowska II/6
    B Krzyżanowska IV/13
    C: CM.LK.1202-R
    C: CM.176.1961
    G SNG 2143
    NY: 1944.100.51118
    NY: 1944.100.51119
    NY: 1944.100.51117
    NY: 1960.170.391
    O: Bodleian
    O: Milne 1947
    O: Milne 1924
    O: Milne 1947
    O: Bodleian
    O: Milne 1924
    O: Bodleian
    V Krzyżanowska II/11
    V Krzyżanowska II/6
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.143
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.144
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.145
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.146
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.147
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.150
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.151
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.152
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.153
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.154
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.155
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.156
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.157
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.158
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.159
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.160
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.161
    A-KIKPE SNG Pfalz v.162
    Istanbul Krzyżanowska II/8
    Tübingen SNG 4419
    Warsaw Krzyżanowska II/11
    Warsaw Krzyżanowska II/6
    Warsaw Krzyżanowska II/7
    Warsaw Krzyżanowska III/5
    Auktionshaus H. D. Rauch Summer 2009, 17 Sept. 2009, lot 1148
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll.
    CGT coll. ex Time Machine VAuction 116, 15 Oct. 2006
    Naville Numismatics 32, 18 June 2017, lot 181
    Roma Numismatics EA 76, 5 Nov. 2020, lot 832
    Savoca Silver 97, 14 March 2021, lot 332
    TMC Collection (ex: N&N London, Auction 39, Lot 526)
    ✸ VAuction 325, 17 March 2017, lot 358 ex Agora 60, 9 Aug. 2016, lot 119