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Vol. Province City Person Inscription Design Inscription Design
I 665
Sicily Assorus ASSORV laureate head of Apollo, right CRVSAS river god standing, left, with amphora and cornucopia
I 623
Sardinia Turris Libisonis Q A M L C VE II V helmeted head of Sardus Pater, r D D plough
I 651
Sicily Segesta pilei D D rudder
I 1379AA
Achaea Buthrotum [BVT?] PVB two fishes D D dolphin, right
I 2259
Asia Parium C G I P female head wearing stephane, right D D praefericulum
I 1378
Achaea Buthrotum P DASTIDIVS L CORNELIVS laureate head of Jupiter, right DD, II VIR Q A (in exergue) bull, right
I 487
Uncertain Cnaeus and Sextus Pompey's bronze mint(s) MAGNVS, PIVS IMP F laureate head of Janus; in centre, altar EPPIVS, LEG prow, right
I 649
Sicily Segesta C IVLIVS C F LONGVS II VIR two pilei with stars EX D D dolphin, right
I 2109
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope C F I AN VIII laureate head (of Caesar?), right EX D D clasped hands holding cornucopia
I 2110
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope C F I AN VIII bare head, right EX D D bare head, right
I 2111
Bithynia-Pontus Sinope C F I AN XI head of Tyche, right EX D D sacrificial implements
I 650AA
Sicily Tyndaris M VIPS DOSS II[ two pilei with stars EX DD dolphin
I 3517AA
Galatia Uncertain mint of Pisidian(?) colony CO·IVL·CIN (sic) draped bust of Mercury with caduceus, right FERIDIVS IIVIR EX D D sella curulis between fasces
I 1511
Macedonia Cassandrea HAMMO[?N] head of Ammon, right HORT COL D two ears of corn
I 156
Tarraconensis Carthago Nova II / L APPVLEI / QVINQ inscription in field II / C MAECI / QVINQ inscription in field
I 1286
Achaea Dyme Octavian C IVLI CALAMO L AEMIL LA[ ] bare head of Octavian, right II VIR[ ]DIMEN[ ] diademed head of Caesar, right
I 147
Tarraconensis Carthago Nova C CAEDI T POPILI dolphin, right II VIR QVIN palm branch, left
I 539
Gallia Narbonensis Uncertain colony in Gallia Narbonensis CONE IIII VIR
I 2201
Asia Cistophoric mint Mark Antony M·ANTONIVS·IMP·COS·DESIG·ITER·ET·TERT head of Antony wearing ivy wreath, right; below, lituus; all enclosed in wreath of ivy leaves and flowers III·VIR·R·P·C draped bust of Octavia, right, above cista flanked by twisting serpents
I 2202
Asia Cistophoric mint Mark Antony ; Octavia M·ANTONIVS·IMP·COS·DESIG·ITER·ET·TERT head of Antony and bust of Octavia, jugate, right III·VIR·R·P·C Bacchus standing, left, on cista between twisting serpents