RPC I, 539


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Coin type
Volume I
Number 539
Province Gallia Narbonensis
Region Gaul
City Uncertain colony in Gallia Narbonensis
Reign Roman Republic
Obverse inscription CONE
Obverse design
Reverse inscription IIII VIR
Reverse design
Metal silver
Average diameter 9 mm
Axis 1, 3, 5
Reference P. Villemur, M. Amandry, J.-A. Chevillon, Une émission tardo-républicaine problématique d’une cité romaine de Transalpine/Narbonnaise, BSFN 73/07, Sep. 2018, pp. 291-7.
Specimens 5 (1 in the core collections)
Note Obverse legend might also be CO VE or CO ΛE. The following small silver coins (hemiobols?) are signed by quatuorvirs of a latin colony in the Provincia Transalpina/Narbonensis in the 40's or 30's BC. However, this colony, if its name is to be represented by CO(lonia) NE[ , VE[ or ΛE[ , can hardly be identified with Nemausus or any other known triumviral foundation, except if one of the latter had received the epithet Neronis, after the name of Tiberius Claudius Nero, Caesar's legate and deductor of colonies in the Province, which is not attested.
Addition Additional coin-type (post publication)

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
1 1     Private coll.
2 2     ✸ P: 1998.226
3 3     Private coll.
4 4     Private coll.
5 5     Private coll.