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II 1022
Smyrna  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Æ (25 mm) 8.27 g. c.AD 90?
ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟϹ ΚΑΙ ϹƐ ΓƐΡΜΑΝΙΚΟϹ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ ϹƐΒΑϹΤΗ; laureate head of Domitian, r., facing draped bust of Domitia, l.
ƐΠΙ ΔΗΜΟϹΤΡΑΤΟΥ ϹΤΡΑΤΗΓΟϹ ϹΗΙΟϹ, ΖΜΥΡ; Heracles standing, l., holding out cantharus and holding club and lion skin
Klose XXXIX B 39
II 1023
Smyrna  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Brass (16 mm) 3.59 g. c.AD 90?
ΖΜΥΡΝΑΙΩΝ; draped bust of Cybele, r.
ƐΠΙ ΔΗΜΟϹΤΡΑΤΟΥ ϹΗΙΟϹ; female figure standing, l., holding patera and cornucopia
Klose IV H, a 75–87 33
II 1024
Smyrna  Ionia Asia (conventus of Smyrna)
Brass (16 mm) 2.46 g. c.AD 90?
ƐΠΙ ΔΗΜΟϹΤΡΑΤΟΥ; Nemesis standing, r.
ΖΜΥΡ ϹΤΡΑ ϹΗΙΟϹ; Nike standing, r., with trophy on shoulder
Klose IV H, b 88–94 28