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IV.2 8166 (temporary)
Æ (24 mm) 7.26 g. 138-161
ΑΥ ΚΑΙ Τ ΑΙ ΑΔΡΙΑ ΑΝΤΩΝ(Ɛ?)ΙΝΟϹ; laureate head of Antoninus Pius, r.
ƐΠΙ ΠƐΡΙΚΛƐοΥϹ ΦΙΛΑΔƐΛΦƐΩΝ; temple with four columns and rounded pediment enclosing statue of Artemis standing, r., drawing arrow from quiver at shoulder, holding bow; to r. at her feet, stag standing, r.
Hochard 1477 4
IV.2 2850 (temporary)
Antoninus Pius Perikles (archon)
Æ (19 mm) 4.99 g. 138-161
ΔΗΜοϹ ΦΙΛΑΔƐΛΦƐΩΝ; laureate head of the Demos (youthful), r.
ƐΠΙ ΠƐΡΙΚΛƐοΥϹ ΑΡΧ(οΝΤ); Hecate standing, facing, head, r., on lion reclining, l., holding patera and torch
Hochard 1607, BMC 30, GM 720, no. 605, Martin, Demos 107, no. 3 6