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IV.2 939 (temporary)
R2 9.05 g. 138–140
ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙ[Ν?]ΟϹ; bare head of Antoninus Pius, right
ΔΙΑ ΠΟ ΑΙ ΑΔΡΑϹΤΟΥ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; Dionysus (youthful) standing, left, holding cantharus over panther, resting left arm on column
KM 162, no. 2 2
IV.2 11713 (temporary)
Æ 7.64 g. 138–140
ΦΑΥϹ[ ]ΝΑ ϹΕΒΑϹΤΗ; draped bust of Faustina I, right
Δ[ΙΑ ΠΟ] ΑΙ ΑΔΡΑϹΤΟΥ ΤΡΑ[ΠΕΖΟ]ΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; Tyche standing, left, wearing kalathos, holding rudder and cornucopia
IV.2 943 (temporary)
R3 4.99 g. 138–140
ΒοΥΛΗ ΤΡΑΠΖΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; veiled and draped bust of the Boule, right
ΔΙΑ ΠΟ ΑΙ ΑΔΡΑϹΤΟΥ; Cybele standing, facing, wearing kalathos, resting hands on two lions seated beside her
MG 316, no. 91, Martin, Demos, Trapezopolis 4 4
IV.2 941 (temporary)
R4 3.42 g. 138–140
ΤΡΑΠΕΖΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; draped bust of Mên wearing laureate Phrygian cap, right; behind his shoulders, crescent
ΔΙΑ ΠΟ ΑΙ ΑΔΡΑϹΤΟΥ; winged Nemesis standing, left, plucking chiton, holding bridle
BMC 5 4
IV.2 942 (temporary)
R5 2.33 g. 138–140
ΤΡΑΠΕΖΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; draped bust of Athena, right
ΔΙΑ (ΠΟ ΑΙ) ΑΔΡΑϹΤΟΥ; hump-backed bull standing, right, lowering head
MG 316, no. 92 19