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II 2203
Ascalon  Judaea Judaea
Bronze (19 mm) 7.73 g. Year 176 (AD 72/3)
ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ; laureate head of Vespasian, right
ΑΣ ϚΟΡ; war-god Phanebal standing, left, holding harpa in right hand and small round shield and long palm branch in left hand
BMC 110 19
II 2204
Ascalon  Judaea Judaea
Æ (15 mm) 3.65 g. Year 176 (AD 72/3)
draped bust of Tyche, right wearing turreted crown and veil
ϚΟΡ ΑΣ; war-galley, right, with oars
BMC 46–9 10