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I 4781
Damascus  Syria Syria
Æ (25 mm) 10.17 g. Year 276 (37/36 BC)
diademed bust of Cleopatra, right
ΔΑΜΑΣΚΗΝΩΝ ϚΟΣ; Tyche seated, left, on rock with arm outstretched and holding cornucopia; before, ear of corn; below, river god; all in wreath
de Saulcy p. 34, 2, Cop 419, Sv Ptol 1890 23
I 4782
Damascus  Syria Syria
Æ (19 mm) 6.81 g. Year 276 (37/36 BC)
head of Tyche, right
ΔΑΜΑΣΚΗΝΩΝ ϚΟΣ; Nike advancing, right, with wreath and palm; all in wreath
cf. de Saulcy 11–12 14