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I 4380
Laodicea ad Mare  Syria Syria
Tetradrachm 14.01 g. 'Ptolemaic' standard (44/43–17/16 BC)
veiled bust of Tyche, r.
ΙΟΥΛΙΕΩΝ ΤΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΛΑΟΔΙΚΕΩΝ, Ε, θ, ΗΙ, ΘΙ, ΘΚ, Λ, ΛΑ or ΒΛ (in l. field); Zeus, seated l., holding Nike and sceptre; all in wreath; elsewhere in field, under throne and in exergue, various letters or monograms
Morkholm, nos 24–31, Prieur 1093-1100 15