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I 4264
Augustus Augustus
Antioch  Syria Syria
Æ (26 mm) 14.57 g. undated (c. AD 5/6–11/12)
IMP·AVGVST·TR·POT; laureate head of Augustus, right
S C; inscription in a laurel wreath of eight leaves
FITA 99 III, Howgego, NC 1982, pl. 3,5, McAlee 207 22
I 4265
Antioch  Syria Syria
Æ (18 mm) 7.48 g. undated (c. AD 5/6–11/12)
laureate head of Zeus, right
ΑΝΤΙΟΧΕΩΝ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩΣ, ΑΝΤ; ram, running right, looking back; above, star; beneath, monogram of Antioch
BMC 68, Macdonald, NC 1904, 110–11, McAlee 95A 11