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I 1778
Tiberius Tiberius (Augustus)
Byzantium  Thrace Thrace
AR 13.52 g. Reign of Tiberius (20s AD?)
ΤΙΒΕΡΙΟΥ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΥ; bare head of Tiberius, l.
ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙΩΝ; Poseidon seated, l., on rocks, holding dolphin and trident
Sch 1307–8 2
I 1779
Tiberius Augustus (Divus)
Byzantium  Thrace Thrace
AR 6.29 g. Reign of Tiberius (20s AD?)
ΘΕΟΣ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ; bare head of Augustus, l.
ΘΕΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΑ, ΒΥΖ; draped bust of Livia, r.
Sch 1306 1