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II 476
Æ (30 mm) 16.60 g. Bronze: second series: third group (AD 80/90 (?))
ΤΙΒƐΡΙΟϹ ΙΟΥΛΙΟϹ ΒΑϹΙΛƐΥϹ ΡΗϹΚΟΥΠΟΡΙϹ; king Rhescuporis II seated, r., on curule chair, holding sceptre with king's head at top; in r. field, monogram
ΤƐΙΜΑΙ ΒΑϹΙΛƐⲰϹ ΡΗϹΚΟΥΠΟΡΙΔΟϹ, Μ-Η (in field); shield with spear in centre; helmet and sword in scabbard, r.; horse's head and axe
Frolova pp. 101–2, Anokhin 375 9