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IV.3 5746 (temporary)
Germanicia Caesarea  Syria Syria
Æ 9.89 g. Marcus and Verus, co-emperors (161–169)
ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ ΛΟΥ[Κ?] ΑΥΡ[Η?] ΟΥΗΡΟϹ; laureate head of Lucius Verus, l.
ΚΑΙϹΑΡ(Ɛ(ⲰΝ)) ΓƐΡΜΑΝΙΚƐ(ⲰΝ) ΚοΜ(Α), (in l. or r. field, Α); turreted Tyche seated on rock, l., holding ears of corn, resting arm on rock, resting foot on swimming river-god
BMC 1 12