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IV.3 7246 (temporary)
Ilistra  Lycaonia Cilicia
Æ 10.09 g. Marcus and Verus, co-emperors (after 166)
ΑΥΤΟΚ ΚΑΙϹΑΡ Μ ΑΥΡΗ ΑΝΤω ϹΕΒ ΑΡΜ ΠΑΡ (as mongrams); laureate-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius wearing cuirass and paludamentum, left
ΙΛΙϹΤΡΕωΝ ΚΟΙΝ ΛΥΚΑΟΝΙΑϹ; Zeus seated, left, holding patera over eagle and long sceptre
vA Lykao. 92–5, BMC 1 8