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IV.3 4057 (temporary)
Attalea  Pamphylia Lycia-Pamphylia
Æ 2.20 g. 'Pseudo-autonomous': Reign of Antoninus Pius
bust of Athena wearing aegis, right
ΑΤΤΑ[ΛΕ]ΩΝ; Athena standing, left, holding Nike and spear; to right at her feet, shield
Baydur 229 1
IV.3 4080 (temporary)
Attalea  Pamphylia Lycia-Pamphylia
Æ 2.29 g. 'Pseudo-autonomous': Reign of Antoninus Pius
diademed bust of Poseidon, right, with drapery at right shoulder; to right, trident
ΑΤΤΑΛΕΩΝ; Nike standing, left, holding wreath and palm-branch
Baydur 100–3 6