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IV.2 1851 (temporary)
Ococleia  Phrygia Asia (conventus of Apamea) Bruzus
Æ (29 mm) 13.76 g. c. 177-179
ΑV ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΚΟΜΜΟΔΟϹ; laureate head of Commodus (youthful), r.
ΟΚΟΚΛΙƐΩΝ ΒΡ[Ο]VΖΗΝΩΝ ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ; to l., veiled Cybele-Demeter standing, r., holding long sceptre and ears of corn; to r. at her feet, lion seated, r.; to r., Zeus (Lydios) standing, l., holding eagle and long sceptre; between, lighted altar
vA Phryg. I, 708, KM 281, no. 3, Franke & Nollé 1454-5 2