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IV.2 11347 (temporary)
Germe  Mysia Asia (conventus of Pergamum)
Æ (25 mm) 11.36 g. Issue 1 (c. 147–161)
] ΑΔΡΙΑ ΑΝΤΩΝ[; laureate head of Antoninus Pius, right
] ΜΑΡΚΙΑ[ΝΟΥ Β?] [Γ]ΕΡΜΗ[ΝΩΝ?]; Zeus seated, left, holding eagle(?) and long sceptre
Ehling 89 1
IV.2 11351 (temporary)
Germe  Mysia Asia (conventus of Pergamum)
Æ (25 mm) 9.57 g. Issue 1 (c. 147–161)
ΚΑΙϹΑΡ ΑΥΡΗΛΙοϹ; bare-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius (short beard) wearing paludamentum, right, seen from rear
ΕΠ ΑΙ ΜΑΡΚΙΑΝΟΥ Β ΓΕΡΜΗΝΩΝ; Dionysus (youthful) standing, left, holding cantharus over panther and long thyrsus
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