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I 760
Augustus Augustus (—)
Paterna  Africa Africa Proconsularis
Æ (36 mm) 33.56 g. c. AD 10 (?)
IMP AVGVSTVS; bare head of Augustus, l.; behind, lituus; all laurel wreath
C I P IIII VIR; Mercury wearing petasus and holding caduceus, seated on rock, l.
Mu 330, Supp. 56, Alexandropoulos 95 3
I 761
Paterna  Africa Africa Proconsularis
Leaded bronze (28 mm) 18.12 g. c. AD 10 (?)
DIVOS IVLIVS; diademed head of Caesar (?), l.
C I PAT DD; Ceres walking, r., holding torch in each hand; in front, a plough
Alexandropoulos 96 4