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I 661
Henna  Sicily Sicily
Æ (30 mm) 18.35 g. 44/36 BC
L MVNATIVS M CESTIVS; veiled head of Ceres with corn ears, left; behind, torch
MVN HENNAE; Pluto and Proserpina in quadriga, right
Holm 760, BMC 9, Gabrici 8, Cop 235, FITA 190 27
I 662
Henna  Sicily Sicily
Æ (20 mm) 8.55 g. 44/36 BC
MVN HENNA-E; female head (Proserpina?), right
M CESTIVS L MVNATIVS II VIR; naked male figure (Triptolemus), wearing cloak, standing left with outstretched hand
Holm 761, BMC 11, Gabrici 12, Cop 236 32
I 663
Henna  Sicily Sicily
Æ (17 mm) 4.07 g. 44/36 BC
MVN HENNAE; head of Bacchus wreathed with ivy, right
M CESTIVS L MVNATIVS IIVIR; butting bull, left
Holm 761a, Gabrici 14 12
I 664
Henna  Sicily Sicily
Æ (12 mm) 2.26 g. 44/36 BC
MVN HENNAE; wreathed head of Apollo, right
M CES L MVN II [VIR]; swan, right