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IV.4 3373
Alexandria  Egypt Egypt
Æ (33 mm) 24.44 g. Uncertain year (AD 161/80)
Μ ΑΥΡΗΛΙ]ΟϹ ΑΝ[ΤωΝΙΝΟϹ Ϲ]ΕΒ; laureate head of Marcus Aurelius, right
L Ι[; Euthenia standing, facing, head, left, holding two ears of corn and cornucopia
Geissen 2097 1
IV.4 3374
Alexandria  Egypt Egypt
Æ (27 mm) 9.12 g. Uncertain year (AD 161/80)
ΚΡΕΙϹ]ΠΕΙΝΑΝ ϹΕΒ ΑΥΤ ΚΟΜΜΟΔΟΥ ϹΕΒ; draped bust of Crispina, right
[ ]; two serpents facing each other (to left, Agathodaemon enfolding caduceus(?); to right, Uraeus enfolding sistrum(?))
Milan SNG 1453 3
IV.4 3375
Alexandria  Egypt Egypt
Æ (23 mm) 7.83 g. Uncertain year (AD 161/80)
Μ ΑΥΡΗΛΙΟϹ ΑΝΤωΝΙΝΟϹ ϹΕ; laureate head of Marcus Aurelius with traces of drapery, right
L ΙΕ(??); Elpis standing, left, holding flower