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III 3997
Ascalon  Judaea Judaea
Æ (16 mm) 9.24 g. Year 220 (AD 116/17)
ϹΕΒΑ(ϹΤ)(ΟϹ); laureate head of Trajan (or Hadrian?), right
ΑϹ(Κ)(Α)(ΛΩ), ΚϹ; war-god Phanebal, standing left, holding harpa (?) in right hand and small round shield and long palm branch in left hand
De Saulcy 15–16, BMC 167 26
III 3998
Ascalon  Judaea Judaea
Æ (13 mm) Year 220 (AD 116/17)
ΑϹΚ(ΑΛ); draped bust of Tyche, right, wearing turreted crown and veil
ΚϹ; War galley, right, with oars
De Saulcy 59–60 16