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III 3904
Tyre  Phoenicia Syria
Æ (24 mm) 9.63 g. Year 256 (AD 130/1)
laureate head of Heracles-Melqarth (lightly bearded) with lion skin, right
ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩϹ (around); club surmounted by monogram {ΤΥΡ}; to left, ΝΣϚ; to right, Phoenician letters לצר (‘of Tyre’); All in oak wreath
Rouvier 2228–9, BMC 296 20
III 3905
Tyre  Phoenicia Syria
Æ (16 mm) 3.12 g. Year 256 (AD 130/1)
Turreted and veiled head of Tyche right; to left, palm
ΤΥΡ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩϹ ΙΕΡ ΑΣ; ϚΝC; Phoenician letters לצר (‘of Tyre’); palm tree
Rouvier 2160, BMC 349 19