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IV.3 5730 (temporary)
Isaura  Lycaonia Cilicia
Æ 24.22 g.
ΘΕΑ ΦΑΥϹΤΕΙΝΑ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩϹ ΙϹΑΥΡΙΩΝ; draped bust of the deified Faustina I, right
Μ ΓΑΛ ΑΝ[ΤωΝΕΙΝΟϹ?] [ΑΥΤΟΚ]ΡΑΤΟΡΟϹ ΑΝΤωΝΕ[ΙΝΟΥ] ΥΙΟϹ; bare-headed bust of Galerius Antoninus wearing paludamentum, right
VI 6854 (temporary)
Isaura  Lycaonia Cilicia
Æ (29 mm) 12.71 g.
ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΜΑΜΕΑ; draped bust of Julia Mamaea, right
ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΛΕΩϹ ΙϹΑΥΡΩΝ; Artemis standing facing, head left, holding bow and resting on long sceptre
BMC 6 1