Cyrenaica and Crete 

Cities for this province (all time-periods)

City Number of coin types More
Axos (region: Crete) 2 Show
Cnossus (region: Crete) 76 Show
Cydonia (region: Crete) 23 Show
Cyrenaica (region: Cyrenaica) 44 Show
Cyrene (region: Cyrenaica) 29 Show
Eleutherna (region: Crete) 2 Show
Gortyn (region: Crete) 25 Show
Hierapytna (region: Crete) 7 Show
Koinon of Crete (region: Crete) 158 Show
Lappa (region: Crete) 8 Show
Lato (region: Crete) 1 Show
Lyttos (region: Crete) 1 Show
Polyrhenium (region: Crete) 2 Show
Ptolemais (region: Cyrenaica) 1 Show
Unlocated mint of Crete (region: Crete) 13 Show