RPC III, 6553


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Coin type
Volume III
Number 6553
Province Uncertain
Region Uncertain
City Uncertain
Reign Trajan
Person (obv.) Trajan (Augustus)
Magistrate P. Calvisius Ruso Iulius Frontinus (presbeutès)
Obverse design laureate head of Trajan, r.
Reverse inscription [ ]ΙϹϹΟΥ ΡΟΥϹΩ
Reverse design Apollo naked standing l., holding branch in his r. hand and bow in l.
Metal Æ
Average diameter 29 mm
Average weight 10.42 g
Reference KM 530/12; Stumpf 580
Specimens 1
Note The coin seems to read [ ]ΙϹϹΟΥ at the beginning, but as I-B observed: über das zweite Ϲ in ΙϹϹΟΥ scheint im Stempel nachträglich ein Ι gezogen zu sein; und da die Münze aus der Zeit Traians datiert, so darf man mit einiger Wahrscheinlichkeit angenommen werden, das der vollständige Name [Π ΚΑΛΒΙ oder ΚΑΛΟΥЄ]ΙϹΙΟΥ ΡΟΥϹΩΝΟϹ lautete’, and went on to connect the coin with P. Calvisius Ruso. Coins refering to P. Calvisius Ruso Iulius Frontinus, governor of Cappadocia from AD 103/4 (or 104/5) to AD 106/7 (or 107/8) are known from Sebastopolis (RPC 2918) and Cybistra (RPC 3179-3180). On Ruso, see B. Rémy, Les carrières… no. 162 and G. di Vita-Evrar, ‘Des Calvisii Rusones à Licinius Sura’, MEFRA 99 (1987), pp. 281-338. As noted by I-B, the style of this coin excludes the possibility that this series was struck at Sebastopolis or Cybistra. Therefore we must look for another city in Galatia-Cappadocia.

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