RPC I, 627


Image of specimen #8


Coin type
Volume I
Number 627
Province Sicily
Region Sicily
City Tyndaris
Reign Augustus
Person (obv.) Augustus
Magistrate Lucius Mussidius Longus (proconsul)
Obverse inscription AVGVSTVS [ ]
Obverse design bare head of Augustus, right
Reverse inscription L STATI P COTTA[ ], L MVSSID(IVS) PR COS
Reverse design in wreath
Metal copper-based alloy
Average diameter 20 mm
Axis 9
Reference Gabrici 63–4, Holm 755 corr., Cop 1100, FITA 237
Specimens 9 (3 in the core collections)
Note The new specimen from the RBW coll. (8) shows that there is a legend running around the wreath. The start of the legend L ST[ could be seen on the specimen published by Gabrici and Tusa Cutroni, who had proposed in 1984 to read L STATIVS. This was omitted by RPC I, and not accepted by Martini p. 71 n. 51. 8 clearly reads L STATI P COTTA[ ], the same two names that appear on the coins of Sisenna procos (RPC I, 668, where the resemblance with 627 was noted). There may even be a die-link between the two groups (see Martini), but that is not sure. The temptation to attribute both coinages to Tyndaris must, however, be resisted, since TVNDAR cannot, in fact, be clearly read on any of the specimens yet published. There are certainly some letters behind Augustus’s head, as can be seen on the pieces in L (nos. 1 and 8); but they cannot be read, though something like AGR is tempting. --- R. J. A. Wilson advises us that Cotta is probably a Latinized version of a Greek name (and a Κoτης appears at second century Agrigentum and Malta), while a Κoτας is attested from the same period in Camarina (P.M. Fraser and E. Matthews, A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names vol. III.A (Oxford, 1997), p. 256). And BA on 668 (see below) might be the beginning of a Greek name and there are plenty of candidates (see Lexicon). --- P. Pitotto, ‘Un esemplare di Mussidio Longo per Augusto e la questione della zecca di Tindari’, Annotazioni Numismatiche 22, Giugno 1996, p. 494. See also S2-I-670A. --- The original numbering of specimens was changed: delete 627/5 (Cop 1100), 627/6 = 627/5, 627/7 = 627/6, 627/8 = 627/7 , 627/8 is a new specimen and 627/9 = 627/1.
Correction Corrected coin-type (post publication)

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
1 1     L: 1936,0220.13 ex T.O. Mabbott, ex Froehner (Ratto 1909), lot 1267
2 2     P: 2189
3 3     Palermo = Gabrici 63
4 4     Palermo = Gabrici 64
5 5     Turin FITA 237 n. 1
6 6     Turin FITA 237 n. 1
7 7     Bern: R2916
8 8     ✸ L: 1999,0508.1 ex RBW
9 9     Naumann 63, 4 Mar. 2018, lot 692