RPC I, 511


Image of specimen #1


Coin type
Volume I
Number 511
Province Gallia Lugdunensis
Region Gaul
City Lugdunum
Reign Roman Republic
Magistrate L Munatius Plancus (without title)
Dating end of 43 BC
Obverse inscription COPIA FELIX
Obverse design turret head of the city goddess with cornucopia
Reverse inscription MVNATIA
Reverse design a galloping bull, l., checked by Hercules; in the field, r., a club
Metal Bronze
Average diameter 16 mm
Axis 2, 5
Reference FITA 206–7, Giard 1
Specimens 4 (1 in the core collections)
Note For a new interpretation of the reverse of this coin, see A. Desbat (ed), Lugdunum naissance d’une capitale (2005), pp. 47-9: Hercules fights against Acheloos, the river-god who changed himself into a furious bull. Hercules offered to the goddess Copia one of its horns, hence the name cornucopia. Thanks to Nicolas Dubreu for providing photos of specimen 4.
Correction Corrected coin-type (post publication)

Specimens of this coin type

Number Number Museum Bibliography
1 1     ✸ P: F 9914 FITA, pl. VII, 24
2 2     Coll. P. C. Vian
3 3     Pommiers
4 4     Musée Lugdunum: 2003.1.019 A. Audra, ‘Trouvaille d’une monnaie de L. Munatius Plancus sur le site dit du ‘sanctuaire de Cybèle’ à Lyon (5e)’, BSFN 61, 10, Dec. 2006, pp. 265–6