Province Arabia
City Gerasa 
Region Syria
Reign Hadrian
Obverse inscription ΔΙ (or ΙΔ) ΑΥΤ Κ ΤΡΑ ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟϹ ϹΕ
Obverse design laureate and cuirassed bust of Hadrian, with paludamentum, seen from rear, right
Reverse inscription ΑΡΤΕΜΙϹ ΤΥΧΗ ΓΕΡΑϹωΝ
Reverse design draped bust of Artemis/Tyche, right, quiver on left shoulder, bow in right hand

Coin no. 10 of RPC III, 4084


Reference Gorny & Mosch 134, 11 Oct. 2004, lot 2165 (ex Sternberg XXXIV, 22–23 Oct. 1998, lot 474) (13.08 in Sternberg, but obviously cleaned in between)
Diameter 24
Weight 12.99
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