Province Egypt
City Alexandria 
Region Egypt
Reign Hadrian
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ ΤΡΑΙ ΑΔΡΙΑ ϹΕΒ
Obverse design laureate head of Hadrian, r., drapery on l. shoulder
Reverse inscription ΜΕΜΦΙ, L ΙΑ
Reverse design Isis standing, facing, head l., wearing basileion upon vulture headdress, holding in l. hand figure of Ptah, standing, r., wearing sun disk and was-sceptre in hands, and raised uraeus, l., wearing pschent, in r. hand

Coin no. 22 of RPC III, 6390


Reference Leu WA 26, 8 July 2023, lot 2960 = ETB coll., ex D6299 (rev. illus.), DS pl. 304 = Naville 37, 28 Jan. 2018, lot 423
Diameter 19.2
Weight 5.77
Axis 12
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Addition Additional coin (post publication)