Province Judaea
City Ascalon 
Region Judaea
Reign Uncertain
Obverse inscription ϹΕΒΑ(ϹΤ)(ΟϹ)
Obverse design laureate head of Trajan (or Hadrian?), r.
Reverse inscription ΑϹ(Κ)(Α)(ΛΩ)
Reverse design war-god Phanebal, standing l., holding harpa (?) in r. hand and small round shield and long palm branch in l. hand; ΚϹ

Coin no. 18 of RPC III, 3997


Museum Berlin, Staatliche Museen (Germany)
Inventory no. Löbb.
Note looks like ΚƐ, as in year 225; but the date formula would normally read in the other direction; so probably year 220