Province Northern Black Sea
City Kingdom of the Bosporus 
Region Bosporus
Reign Rhescuporis V
Obverse inscription ΒΑϹΙΛΕωϹ ΡΗϹΚΟ(Υ)ΠΟΡ(ΙΔΟϹ)
Obverse design laureate and draped bust of Rhescuporis V, right, seen from front
Reverse inscription ΓΜΦ
Reverse design laureate head of the Roman emperor, right; before, club


Reference Heritage 3026, 25 Sept. 2013, lot 26174
Diameter 21
Weight 7.52
Axis 12
External URI|1088|26174|41f2958b7a06112947100194f5f13765