Province Phrygia-Caria
Subprovince Conventus of Synnada
City Synnada 
Region Phrygia
Reign Gallienus (sole reign)
Obverse inscription ΚΟΡ ϹΑΛΩΝΙΝΑ ϹΕΒ
Obverse design draped and diademed bust of Salonina, right
Reverse inscription ϹΥΝΝΑΔΕΩΝ ΙΩΝΩΝ
Reverse design cult-statue of Artemis Ephesia, facing; to left, and right, stag


Reference Auctiones GmbH e 50, 11 Sept. 2016, lot 126
Diameter 27
Weight 9.42
External URI|3876|126|98aefde0f821223d4bd700fd3a581f8d