Province Cilicia
City Tarsus 
Region Cilicia
Reign Uncertain
Obverse inscription ΑΡϹ/ΑΚΟ/Υ (in field, l.)
Obverse design Tyche seated, r., holding corn-ears and with river god Kydnos beneath
Reverse inscription ΤΑΡΣΕΩΝ (on r.), ΤƐΝ/ΟΝ/ΤΟϹ (in field, l.)
Reverse design Zeus seated, l., holding Nike with wreath and sceptre

Coin no. 7 of RPC II, 1731.1


Reference Pecunem Gitbud & Naumann 11, 29 Dec. 2013, lot 351 (ex Rauch Summer 2013, 18 Sept. 2013, lot 299)
Diameter 25
Weight 11.26
External URI|1086|299|520b481fbd41a87051d0148f41100458 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)