Province Asia
Subprovince Conventus of Ephesus
City Ephesus 
Region Ionia
Reign Gordian III
Obverse inscription ΑΥΤ Κ Μ ΑΝ(Τ) ΓΟΡΔΙΑΝΟϹ
Obverse design laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian III, r., seen from rear
Reverse inscription ƐΦƐϹΙΩΝ ΑΛƐΞΑΝΔΡƐΩΝ
Reverse design Tyche standing l., holding figure of Sarapis and cornucopia

Coin no. 15 of RPC VII.1, 420


Museum Yale University Art Gallery (USA)
Inventory no. 2004.6.2664
Reference PRF coll.
Diameter 24
Weight 6.79
Axis 6
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Note Misattributed to Gallienus
Addition Additional coin (post publication)