Province Northern Black Sea
City Olbia 
Region Sarmatia
Reign Koson
Obverse inscription ΚΟΣΩΝ, ΟΛΒ (monogram in the field)
Obverse design procession of three men in Roman togas, left, the foremost and hindmost carrying an axe over shoulder
Reverse inscription
Reverse design eagle standing, left, on sceptre, holding wreath in on claw

Coin no. 7 of RPC I, 1701C


Reference Leu EA 15, 27 Feb. 2021, lot 99 (ex Leu EA 13, 15 Aug. 2020, lot 140)
Diameter 19.3
Weight 4.18
Axis 11
External URI|3732|140|b72030584893187365a14cf76ad3bda4 
Addition Additional coin (post publication)